Our People

Dr Melody Caramins   B.Med, PhD, FFSc., FRCPA 

Genomic Diagnostics is headed by Dr Melody Caramins. Dr Caramins is a nationally recognised expert in the field of genetics, holding both medical and scientific specialist qualifications. She has over 20 years of experience working in medicine and pathology, in roles including direct healthcare delivery, research, and in the provision of diagnostic services at a senior level in both public and private healthcare settings.

Dr Caramins was awarded her FRCPA in 2006 as Australia’s first graduate from the Genetic Pathology program, with her training undertaken in Sydney at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital. She has a longstanding interest in improving patient care by integrating research, clinical and diagnostic activities, and has published a number of journal articles highlighting this in diverse clinical settings including prenatal genetics, cancer genetics, and adult-onset genetic disorders. She continues to be a active advocate for greater access to genetic testing, and for greater inclusion of genetics in mainstream medicine through her ongoing teaching and committee activities nationally.


Dr Kym Mina is the Clinical Director for Genomic Diagnostics

She began her journey in genetics in 2007 as WA’s first genetic pathology trainee, and was awarded her fellowship in 2012 having attained broad experience in both molecular and cytogenetics in laboratories in WA and NZ. Following a post-fellowship year in translation of whole exome sequencing to clinical practice, Dr Mina took up a Clinical Academic appointment at The University of Western Australia before moving to Sydney as the Director of Genetics at Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology.

Dr Mina is the current Chair of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia’s Genetics Advisory Committee. She is involved in national committees and activities that promote quality provision of genomic testing. Dr Mina has longstanding involvement in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate science and medical students and supervision of genetic pathology trainees, and is committed to providing education and support for the appropriate use of genomic testing in all aspects of medical practice.

Dr Nicole Chia   MScM, FHGSA, FFSc.

Dr Nicole Chia is a highly experienced clinical scientist, having begun working in the field of Clinical Cytogenetics in 1983. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia’s Faculty of Science (FFSc., RCPA) and a Fellow of the Human Genetics Society of Australia (FHGSA). Nicole obtained her Master of Science degree in 2008 and is currently completing her PhD thesis. She has an international reputation in the field of Clinical Cytogenetics including a role as consultant to the International Standing Committee on Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature. She has been an invited speaker at numerous international and national meetings and has a number of peer reviewed scientific publications, and an active promoter of continuing education and a senior board member of the HGSA as Chief Examiner and Chair of the Cytogenetics Board of Censors.

In her role as Adjunct Associate Professor at Canberra University Nicole continues to pursue her commitment to the education of medical scientists in the field of clinical and molecular cytogenetics, a rapidly expanding field of diagnostic pathology. Nicole is the Genetics Manager for QML pathology, Specialist Diagnostic Services and currently manages an Australia-wide diagnostic Cytogenetic and Molecular Cytogenetic Service.

Dr Peter Taylor  PhD, FHGSA

Dr Peter Taylor is a Molecular Geneticist with solid training in general pathology prior to commencing specialisation in 1986.

Peter’s clinical interests include oncogenetics and neuromuscular genetics. Early in his career, Peter performed research associated with the cloning of the estrogen receptor and its regulation and role in breast cancer at the University of New South Wales. Breast cancer genetics and the study of mutations associated with breast tumours has been an area of ongoing interest throughout his career. In his PhD thesis he reported the identification the cause of a newly described neuromuscular condition, determined the clinical utility of a comprehensive screening program for X-linked muscular dystrophy, and described the correlation between gene mutation location and cognitive defects in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He has several highly read peer-reviewed papers and has contributed to numerous conference papers.

Peter is a Fellow of the Human Genetics Society of Australia (FHGSA) and he was previously the Chair for the Molecular Genetics Society of Australasia (MGSA), acting as an examiner for the annual examinations. He is the Scientific Director for Molecular Testing at Genomic Diagnostics, Specialist Diagnostic Services, and currently manages human and animal molecular testing at Dorevitch Pathology, Victoria.