BRCA Screening for Improved Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Treatment Management

Researchers have shed new light on treatment management for BRCA mutation carriers with recurrent ovarian cancer. Germ line BRCA mutation carriers are more sensitive to platinum chemotherapy. This study indicates improved progression free survival in BRCA mutation carriers with recurrent ovarian cancer treated with PLD or with gemcitabine. BRCA status has significant implications for treatment management of women with recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer.

Reference: Int J Gynecol Cancer 2014 Mar;24(3):488-95: The Effect of Germ-Line BRCA Mutations on Response to Chemotherapy and Outcome of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer. Safra, Tamar; Rogowski, Ori; Muggia, Franco M. PMID24457564

“All patients with high grade serous or endometrioid carcinoma should be tested for a BRCA mutation, regardless of the family history of breast or ovarian cancer” Dr Janette Tenne cited in Ovarian Cancer Research Review Issue 2-2014