Cancer Origin Test™

Test Cancer Origin Test™ (formerly miRview™ mets)
Gene Expression of 64 miRNA’s 
Disease Cancer
Method miRNA quantitative RT-PCR (90% sensitivity and 99% specificity)
Notes Pin points the metastatic tumors’ tissue of origin for correct  treatment. Identifies 49 different tumor types.
Specimen FFPE slides, FFPE blocks, FFPE from Cytology
Turn Around Time Standard Service:   20 Business days
Shipping Room Temperature
  • Minimum Tumor content: 30% (with minimal necrosis, fibrosis and inflammation)
  • Minimum tumor cells area is 2.5 mm²
  • FFPE Pathology Specimen via a Pathology Specimen Request Form
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  3. Payment Form (private patients only)
  4. Customs Declaration Form (international patients only)
  5. Import Permit Blood/DNA/Tissue (international patients only)
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