Test GENDIA Tests
Gene More than 2000 genes
Disease More than 3000 different genetic tests
Tests Offered
  • Molecular testing for rare genetic conditions
Notes GENDIA (for Genetic Diagnostic Network) is an international network consisting of more than 100 laboratories located in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Genomic Diagnostics are exclusive distributors of these products.
Specimen (Test dependent) Buccal swabs, peripheral blood (2x9mL EDTA) or genomic DNA (quantity is test dependent)
FFPE slides, FFPE blocks, FFPE
Serum: for the Down screening test on maternal blood, a minimum of 1mL serum is required.
Turn Around Time Standard Service:   30 Business days
Shipping Samples are sent direct to Genomic Diagnostics. Genomic Diagnostics arranges the shipping of specimens overseas to the relevant testing laboratory, with all the correct local export documents, local custom requirement documents and approved transportation containers for biological specimens. This is included in the overall cost.
Room temperature, delivered within 72hrs for blood, no time constraints for swabs, DNA or FFPE.
Refrigerate blood if storage is required prior to shipping, do not freeze.
More Information
Required Documents
(Downloadable documents are supplied within each kit dispatched)
  1. Patient Informed Consent Form
  2. Physician Test Request Form
  3. Payment Form (private patients only)
  4. Customs Declaration Form (international patients only)
  5. Import Permit Blood/DNA/Tissue (international patients only)
  6. Import Permit Buccal Swab (international patients only)
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