Our team achieves top score in the International Quality Assurance Program

Our team is proud to announce that we achieved 100%  accuracy in genotyping and interpretation in  the 2014 QAP EMQN. The results can be seen here.

The EMQN is the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network. It is the largest external quality assessment network for molecular genetic testing in the world. Participation enables laboratories to improve specific testing quality and demonstrates a laboratories commitment to a professional level of service.

BRCA Results (Breast and Ovarian Cancer)

Our team was benchmarked globally with 141 participating laboratories in 30 countries. Our team obtained full marks in detecting and classifying genetic variations in all programmes.

From the data, there are 30 participating countries, and two programmes.

  • 89/141 laboratories achieved 100%.
  • Full marks (100%) was achieved by  2/11 laboratories from one country. 

It can be concluded that this country is Australia (11 participating laboratories) and our team was one of the top achievers for Australia.

  • 35 labs globally were below mean score

HNPCC Results (Colorectal Cancer)

Our team was benchmarked globally with 104 participating laboratories in 24 countries.

Below are the 24 participating countries.

  • Full marks for all 3 cases in all categories was obtained by only 34/104 laboratories and our team was once again one of the top achievers.

This data highlights the importance of ensuring your chosen testing laboratory is committed to the highest level of service.  This great achievement highlights our team’s outstanding laboratory expertise and knowledge in the field of detecting and classifying genetic variation.