Introducing Cheek Swabs Options

Available for comprehensive genetic testing

Our genetic tests are easy, painless, and less stressful. Unlike many other companies, Genomic Diagnostics comprehensive genetic tests are validated on new generation cheek swab samples. Follow the simple instructions and mail us your sample using the postage-paid kit provided on request.

Blood and DNA samples are also accepted by our laboratory.

Acting on feedback, Genomic Diagnostics have validated and are NATA accredited for this new generation non invasive sample collection as an alternative to blood. The DNA template is suitable for technically challenging tests such as MLPA and comprehensive screening with both standard and express service options.

Cheek swabs simplify specimen collection procedures as there is no need for referral to a local pathology service. Swabs are ideal for specimen collection at the time of appointment and for unwell or paediatric patients. This sample type has no temperature or time constraints and is suitable for remote mobile clinics and needle phobic patients.

When ordering, select swab specimen as an alternative to blood specimen. In Australia, specimen collection kits can be sent direct to patients upon a signed physician’s request which includes detailed instructions and a prepaid postal return or physicians can order them to have on hand for your next appointments.