For Patients

This diagram describes the step by step process of how patients can access Genomic Diagnostics testing services.

Medical testing is accessed through your medical practitioner. Please follow the process illustrated below and if you have any questions ask us here.

For further information on non-medical testing, including parentage, paternity, immigration, and relationship testing, please see our paternity testing page, or call us.

If you are a health professional, please view the list of medical products available here. Required documents are supplied within each kit dispatched, alternatively they are downloadable.

* For overseas patients, the specimen collection kit can be posted to the clinic only.  

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Consult a physician about your circumstances.

Physician downloads a test request form and consent form and completes.

Your physician will give you a test request form, or requests a specimen collection kit.

Arrange to have blood taken at one of our collection centres, or a kit is posted to you.

Fill in documents provided, or take completed documents from step 2 with you to a collection centre.

If you are collecting your own sample, follow provided instructions. If you are visiting a collection centre, go to step 9.

Place your samples and signed documents in the provided transport kit.

Contact the toll free courier number to arrange the collection or use post box (Australia only).

See your physician to discuss the results.