Our Tests

Delivering the benefits of genetics

Genomic Diagnostics is a reference laboratory within Australia offering genetic testing globally. Now in our third decade we continue to lead the way in pioneering innovative genetic tests by providing patients and doctors with access to over 3000 different genetic tests, including molecular tests for more than 2000 genes.

All requests for genetic testing must be made through a health professional. Genetic tests can be either self funded or covered by public funding. Public funding is only available to a small number of families at the highest risk of having an inherited predisposition to cancer and strict eligibility criteria need to be met. Privately funded tests are available to all after discussions with a health professional. Genomic Diagnostics accept either cheek swabs, peripheral blood specimens or extracted DNA for hereditary tests accompanied by a Test Request Form from a health professional.


On-line genetic counsellor

If you have any questions regarding genetic counselling services Genomic Diagnostics can put you in contact with a fully qualified genetic counsellor who can guide you through the process and discuss your options. Consultation can be provided on-line where a Medicare refundable schedule for Australian residents may apply, please click here.