Individual gene testing in tumour tissue

Genomic Diagnostics offers a comprehensive range of single gene molecular and cytogenetic tests, as well as multi-gene and genomic tests to assist in the diagnosis, management and treatment of non-inherited cancers.

The presence of specific DNA variants (mutations) in particular genes in a tumour can indicate sensitivity or resistance to certain classes of drugs (e.g. tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapies), as well as helping to determine prognosis, and assisting in the classification of these tumours.

Tests for mutations in a tumour are diagnostic tests for non-heritable mutations. These are generally requested by an oncologist, pathologist, or other specialist physician involved in delivering a patients’ cancer care.

The field of tumour genetics is constantly evolving. New discoveries are rapidly translated to new tests which are required to assist in cancer care. Our list of single and multi-gene tests is frequently updated in alignment with new clinical care guidelines, and is updated here.