Antenatal DNA test

This test is designed for mothers who want to know who the father is before their baby is born. It can be taken any time in the first trimester and results are usually back within 10 working days.

Normally, DNA samples are taken with a simple cheek swab. With an unborn baby, it’s obviously a little more complicated. A medical specialist takes samples from one of two places: the amniotic fluid or the surface of the placenta.

Are there any risks?

Whenever samples are taken from the amniotic fluid or the placenta (for DNA or another
purpose), there’s a risk of miscarriage. It’s only small, but we recommend you talk with your
physician before ordering the test.



  1. Consult your specialist
  2. If you’re both happy, all you need to do is contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 822 999 to organise the test
  3. Attend your appointment

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