Making next generation testing a reality

As part of Specialist Diagnostic Services, Genomic Diagnostics has many established partnerships, clinical and laboratory collaborations as well as commercial agreements with institutions and companies worldwide. We also represent and distribute products from the most respected global leading brands as well developing our own products. For more information on partnering with Genomic Diagnostics contact us  here.

Our laboratories

Genomic Diagnostics is a nationally co-ordinated genetic testing network working through major state-based laboratories. Our laboratories offer a comprehensive service for clinical testing and academic research. Our team of medical and scientific specialists use state of the art technologies whilst following rigorous quality control standards. The Genomic Diagnostics team has engaged in test development, validation, and deployment successfully for 25 years. We offer numerous molecular services with an unparalleled cost/benefit ratio and are accredited the highest level of quality.

Our international team

Genomic Diagnostics has relationships with an international laboratory network and can facilitate testing for uncommon or esoteric genetic testing through these relationships.

Suggest a test

Genomic Diagnostics is interested in knowing what tests would be useful to you and your patients. Please let us know by contacting Genomic Diagnostics here and tell us the following:

  • The name of the disease or gene
  • How often you see patients with the disorder
  • Anything else you’d like us to know.