Generation NIPT

Generation NIPT

$395.00 — $695.00

Step 1 - Checklist

Please confirm each of the following in order to proceed:

  • My Generation® NIPT request form has been fully completed by my referring Doctor.
  • My referring Doctor has signed the request form.
  • I have read the Patient Consent and have signed the request form.
  • I will be at least 10 weeks gestation at the time of visiting the collection centre.
  • I am ready to make payment by credit card.
  • Generation standard test $395.00
    (Results usually ready within 7 days. Testing performed in Australia)
  • OR
  • Generation PLUS test $695.00
    (Results usually ready within 2 weeks. Testing performed by Illumina USA)

Step 2 - Your details

Please enter your details below - all fields are required in order for us to process your test.

Step 3 - Find your nearest collection centre

The Generation® NIPT test is available at many Collection Centres Australia-wide.
If you have trouble locating a suitable collection centre, please contact Genomic Diagnostics on 1800 822 999 so that we can help you.

Your nearest collection centres

      Please note:

      Public holidays may influence standard operating hours. If your selected date falls in close proximity to a public holiday please contact the collection centre on the phone number provided to confirm availability.

      Step 4 - Review and confirm

      Please review and confirm your details below before proceeding to payment

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